This paper was written by Liesl Anggijono, Neema Nelly & Sarah Jiang for the Women’s Brain Project 2020 Hackathon.

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is considered to be one of the most common neuropsychiatric disorders of childhood (Barklet and al., 2006). ADHD was once thought of as a predominantly male disorder. While this may be true for ADHD in childhood, research suggests that the number of women with ADHD may be nearly equal to that of men with the disorder (Faraone et al., 2000) and important sex differences exist in the symptom profile. Compared to males with ADHD, females with ADHD…

wait whattt ?!?!

I’m sure you’ve ever used at least one of these

  • Google Translate
  • Android’s speech recognition system
  • Google Photos
  • YouTube

Womxn : Alternative spelling of woman but the ‘man’ removed. We use this to avoid perceived sexism in the standard spelling and to explicitly include or foreground transgender women and nonbinary people.


Half of the human population menstruate. It’s a necessary biological function where life comes from. Yet there is so much stigma around it. Drank discussions about what it does to women’s bodies and wellbeing are not encouraged by a society that we forget about other problems that can arise correlated to menstruation such as period poverty. When talking about the experience itself, it can be painful, emotional, disturbing…

What’s something that’s in you, all over you, and is your signature ?

It digests your food, affects your mood, and provides a fighting snood?

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It’s your microbiome. We harbor trillions of microbes in our bodies. These microbes have a profound role in human health and every one of our microbiomes are unique. The microbiome is the genetic material found in the microbes that live on and in the human body, including yeasts, bacteria, and viruses. Since the Human Microbiome Project started in 2007 and completed in 2015, there has been an exponential understanding of microbiomes and the importance of…

Disclaimer: This article is not affiliated with Spotify and may consist of unconfirmed information about Spotify and past structures that may not be relevant now.

Music is a form of expression, an art form, and a cultural activity as a whole. Music is something that accompanies the human race in our life. Whether it’s listening to a song with your earphones on the way to school or when you’re greeted by the sounds of the gamelan in a resort in Bali, Indonesia. Yet, have you wondered how many songs exist right now? There’s too much to count on how many…

Women make up 50% of the human population. We are
caretakers, leaders, and changemakers, and we have an
empowered role in today’s society. Yet, at this very moment, we
are still fighting for our rights. It was 400 BC when Agdonice
disguised herself as a man to learn medicine, becoming the first
female doctor and gynecologist. In 1848, the first convention for
women’s rights was in the Seneca Falls Convention. We have
seen a staggering amount of progress in raising awareness and
action for gender inequality in areas such as education and labor
work. …

Supervised learning is one of the sub branches of machine learning tasks commonly used Today. Using this method, the data is labeled to tell the machine exactly what patterns it should look for. Just like a sniffer dog that will hunt down targets once their master shows the dog which target to know, hence knowing the scent it should look after. This method has been used and is pivotally used in many fields. From defining relationships between a company’s advertising budget and sales all the way to linear relationships between radiation therapies and tumor sizes. …

Yes. You read that right.

Living as a teenager in Indonesia 🇮🇩 - everything seemed uniform. From the subjects we learnt at school, yes. we all learn the same set of subjects-the whole country’s curriculum 🤯) to the actual attires we wear to school. Nobody could stand out. The girl with the dyed hair was demanded by my school’s headmaster to dye it black and tie it in a ponytail to match the other girls in my school. …

Liesl Anggijono

student 🌐 innovator @ the knowledge society | based in jakarta,indonesia

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