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  • Astro Teller

    Astro Teller

    Captain of Moonshots, X

  • victoria chong

    victoria chong

    writing about rare diseases to raise awareness about them! :)

  • Hayley Caddes

    Hayley Caddes

    founder & ceo of Chill Pill https://chillpill.app

  • The Knowledge Society

    The Knowledge Society

    The world’s #1 innovation program for kids age 11–17

  • Rishabh Mehrotra

    Rishabh Mehrotra

    Research Scientist at Spotify Research || PhD in ML from UCL || London

  • Okezue Bell

    Okezue Bell

    Outsourcing my ideas on tech and philosophy! | https://okezuebell.com

  • Kristin McCauley

    Kristin McCauley

    A TKS Innovator passionate about genetics in personalized medicine

  • Aizah Malik

    Aizah Malik

    16-year-old activator at TKS figuring out stem cells and becoming less of a couch potato 🥔

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